Pro-life group advocating for Obamacare exception

SUNBURY — When is a person a person?   A local group believes life begins at conception, and they are currently advocating to keep state funds from supporting abortion.


The Pennsylvania Pro Life Federation works daily to educate people and advocate for pro-life legislation in our state.  Michael Ciccocioppo is Executive Director of the group.  He said the PA Pro-Life Federation currently has bills before the house and senate that would allow Pennsylvania to opt out of abortion coverage in the new health care exchange.


Ciccocioppo said, “By law that health exchange will include abortion services, unless the state determines that it does not want to be in the abortion business and paying for abortion with public funds.”


He said, “In Pennsylvania today every 15 minutes a baby will die from abortion.  3,300 babies will die today in America from abortion.  These are cold, hard facts that are actually taking lives.  It is important for Pennsylvanians to protect life.”


You can learn more about the PA Pro Life Federation online at  Ciccocioppo was a guest on Wednesday’s On The Mark program.  You can hear the full program online at  (Codi Jade)  prolife



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