VIDEO HERE: Proposed budget doesn’t pass in Northumberland County

SUNBURY –The 2014 proposed budget in Northumberland County was not passed Thursday.  Commissioners Rick Shoch and Vinny Clausi voted no, while Commissioner Stephen Bridy voted yes.  Bridy says he is disappointed there could be no compromise.  “The people will suffer,” says Bridy, “And I hope these two gentlemen [Clausi and Shoch] can meet at some point.  I am always available to discuss the budget with them.  I think the budget is the right thing.  It is lower than last year’s budget, which I think is a testament to some of the cuts we made.”

Clausi suggested that Shoch bring to the table his own version of a budget for the county.  “Shoch finds an excuse against the budget.  It is nonsense.  We are here to lead.  This year is the first time in Northumberland County history that we have a $500,000 surplus.  What is Mr. Shoch trying to do? If he wants to close the county, it is up to him.”

Shoch says he has been vocal about the many issues he has with the budget including the salary cuts of row officers and funding for an additional 911 tower in the county.  “These guys want me to bring my own budget in, but then not talk to me the rest of the year?  They still block emails from me, which is just ridiculous.  It is a shame it is this way and I am not going to play into this.  I have made clear what my issues are.”

Once a proposed budget is passed, it will be made available to the public for 20 days before an adoption of the final budget.  The next Northumberland County Commissioner meeting is November 19 at 1:00p.m.  Thursday, Commissioner Vinny Clausi announced he would be away on business through the first week of December. (Sara Bartlett)

See raw video from Thursday’s meeting:






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