PSU head coach talks about Boston

STATE COLLEGE — The bombings in Boston hit home for many people throughout the country, whether they are runners or have family and friends in that area.

For Penn State football coach Bill O’Brien, a Massachusetts native, though he did not have anyone in his life directly affected by the events, he knew people who did.

“I have a great friend who I went to Brown with, who is a head high school coach north of Boston.  His 9-year-old daughter was with her 3rd grade class watching the finish, right across the street from the bomb.  I feel terrible, I love that city, my brother Tommy is heavily involved in the city, and so are my older brother John and my dad and mom too.”

O’Brien says his heart goes out to everyone in the city, but also repeated the mantra of “Boston Strong.” “It’s like the President said.  Boston is a very resilient city.”

O’Brien is from Dorchester, Massachusetts, and returned to the state as an offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots, before taking the PennState job. (Sara Bartlett)


Bill O



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