Psychotherapist: Barbours’ may be psychopaths

SUNBURY — A local psychotherapist says he believes, based on what he’s heard in the media, that Miranda Barbour’s behavior is consistent with psychopathy. Dr. Tony Butto is director at The Courtyard Counseling Center in Selinsgrove. He said unlike sociopathic personality styles, Mrs. Barbour seems completely devoid of empathy for her victim or remorse for what she’s done. Sociopaths, while posessing a criminal mindset, are usually less callous.


“Her lack of remorse and empathy is really the hallmark indicator of what we would consider psychopathic behavior,” he said. “Very few people are able to kill so callously and derive such joy and excitement from the act. Most people who kill do so either in the heat of passion or to cover up some kind of evidence. To kill just to kill, is something else all together.”


And, like peas in a pod — Dr. Butto says she is not the only one. “The husband, he definitely shows many of the same psychopathic tendencies. The confidence and grandiosity that he showed in the media. He was smiling at the camera. He’s sporting a proud new tear tattoo on his face (indicating that he murdered someone). All of these things demonstrate a profound lack of empathy and remorse. He’s enjoying himself. He’s just as bad (as Miranda).”


Dr. Butto said he personally does not believe that Miranda killed 22 people. He said psychopaths are often pathological liars. He also believes the Barbours are enjoying the attention. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if Miranda was fantasizing about being the subject of a future movie. (Codi Jade)




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