Pumpkin Palooza in Danville Saturday

DANVILLE – It is time for Pumpkin Palooza again in Danville. The annual event features “all things pumpkin” and will take place in Danville on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. One of the highlights of this year’s Palooza is pumpkin catapulting.


Organizer Chris O’Rourke of CCN said, “We have a shuttle bus going to Whitenight’s Farm Market in Riverside where they have a Pumpkinville. They are also going to be hosting the event we are most excited about, which is the Susquehanna Valley Pumpkin Challenge. This is the first leg of the challenge, which is pumpkin catapults. We will be tossing pumpkins from catapults over there. We have six catapults that we expect to be there on Saturday.”


O’Rourke says there is another catapult challenge after that. He explained, “The second leg of the pumpkin challenge takes place on November 2nd at Ard’s Farm Market outside Lewisburg. That’s where the Buffalo Valley Pumpkin Pitch will take place.”


And from there, a champion will be crowned. O’Rourke said, “Our event for Pumpkin Palooza is called the Great Pumpkin Launch, and they are firing for distance. At the Buffalo Valley Pumpkin Pitch, they are going to fire at targets. You accumulate points at both events and the winner comes away with the Susquehanna Valley Pumpkin Cup.”


For a full list of events at Pumpkin Palooza in Danville, you can visit their website at www.danvillepumpkinpalooza.com. (Ali Stevens)




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