Remembering Chief of Staff at Sunbury Hospital

SUNBURY—A tree-planting ceremony was held on Wednesday at Sunbury Community Hospital to celebrate the life of Dr. Dorothy G. Wilson, who passed away in April of 2013.


Former patient and friend of Dr. Wilson, Louise Knight,  spoke at the ceremony.  She said, “After she passed away about a year ago, those of us who were fond of her and who missed her so much as our doctor decided that we wanted to do something to commemorate her. We picked a tree out and we have a very nice plague in her honor, and it is just a way to commemorate her in a permanent fashion.”


Dr. Wilson was the Chief of Medical Staff at the Sunbury Community Hospital  from 1979- 1981.


Deneen Porzi-Grow of Sunbury Community Hospital spoke about the legacy of Dr. Wilson.  She said,  “She was actually our first female Chief of Staff, which is something to be said when she actually became the Chief of Staff, in a staff full of all men. She definitely was a driving force for all women.”


The memorial maple tree as well as a plaque are located in front of the hospital emergency entrance. This memorial was formed  by the friends and former patients of Dr. Dorothy Wilson. ( Sarah Lagerman)

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