Rep. Keller skeptical of homeless shelter

UNDATED – State Representative Fred Keller (R-85, Kreamer) remains skeptical about a center for the homeless proposed in Laurelton. “I have had several meetings with the county commissioners and the citizens of Hartley Township, I have had phone calls with Jack Wisor and he gave me information on this,” says Keller. “We had a few discussions and I gave him a few things to consider and think about.”

The facility is being proposed by Bishop Jack Wisor of Just for Jesus Challenge Homeless Outreach Ministries. Wisor wants to house the homeless, including those recently released from jail and Megan’s Law offenders. Keller says there are some things he does not feel fully comfortable about yet in the process.

He said, “If somebody is that interested in doing something that is good, and professes to be a Christian as much as he does, should not quote scripture in one breath and his attorney in the next.” Keller says as more information comes out about the proposed center, he will talk with his constituents in the area and try to base his decisions on what they would like to see. (Sara Bartlett)

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