Restructuring process in the Selinsgrove School District continues

SELINSGROVE – Now that 17 teachers in the Selinsgrove School District have been notified that they were furloughed as part of the restructuring plan in the district, the staff was notified yesterday of some new teacher assignments.  Superintendent Chad Cohrs says teachers received a letter and also he met with some teachers.  This is part of a checkerboard process they are following for the furloughs made.

Cohrs said, “In checkerboard furloughing, teachers get moved to a variety of places based on their certifications that they hold to guarantee that the least senior teachers are the ones that are furloughed.”  Cohrs added, “Through that process, teachers can end up in places where either they might not have taught in a long time or possibly ever taught, but do hold certification in.”

Cohrs says the teacher’s reactions to their assignments have been mixed.  However, he adds that they are tentative, based on the number of retirements.  That means some of those assignments could change.  Cohrs says there will be no more furloughs this school year. (Ali Stevens)



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