Revote needed in Northumberland County

SUNBURY — A vote that determines the salary of row officers in Northumberland County will have to be taken again.  Commissioner Vinny Clausi says the voting meeting held last week was improperly advertised in area newspapers.  “What the ad said was a public hearing, but it was supposed to say a public meeting.  Mr. Shoch told us the ad was wrong, so we want to make sure we correct it because anyone takes us to court and challenges us.  We want to make sure it is right.”

There was a lot of backlash last week when the vote was taken and many employees’ salaries were cut by nearly 50%.  Clausi says his vote will stay the same.  “I will stay the same course, I will not change my vote because in four years we are going to save over $1.4 million.  I am not raising any taxes to please the politicians.”

Clausi and Commissioner Stephen Bridy voted in favor of the salary cuts, while Commissioner Rick Shoch voted against them.  The meeting is set for October 1 at 6:00p.m. in the Northumberland County Administration building in Sunbury. (Sara Bartlett)

Vinny Clausi



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