Riverfront wall damage to be repaired in Sunbury

SUNBURY – Sunbury City Council has voted to draw up plans to fix a section of the flood wall that was damaged during Tropical Storm Lee in 2011. Sunbury Mayor David Persing explained.


He said, “Tonight, council decided to get moving on part of the riverfront project, which is left over from the main project and addresses flood control. There is a section of the flood control, on the river side, that needs repaired. We have some holes in it right now. It’s been worsened by the high water we have had in the last year. We have some money left over from the original project. We are going to get everyone involved including the Core of Engineers.”


Persing stressed there is no danger posed to the residents of Sunbury. He says this is not something that will happen right away. He anticipates the flood wall protection project to happen in the fall.


Persing says on the other side of the river, they are going to work north and have sidewalks and street lights go all the way up to the bridges entering Sunbury along the flood wall. They are now going to start looking for funding to pay for that. Persing says there are various funding sources for recreation from the state. (Kyle Gaugler)




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