Route 54 improvements in Danville get a boost

DANVILLE — Federal Highway Safety Funds totaling almost a half-million-dollars have been earmarked for improvements on Route 54 in Danville. The funding will provide safety improvements to Route 54 near Danville Middle School, in conjunction with the Danville Flood Control Project.


Last year, $3.8-million in state funds was secured to complete the Danville Flood Control System. The funding also provides protection for the Middle School, which was heavily damaged by Tropical Storm Lee and is being re-built.


In addition to rail crossing improvements, the funding will provide for a new signal system at Route 54, including signals to protect the middle school pedestrian crossing and middle school entrance. It is estimated bids could be submitted in May, with work tentatively scheduled to begin in June.

State Senator John Gordner (R-27th, Berwick) helped secure the needed funding.  He tells WKOK, “Construction has been underway at the Middle School and they are optimistic that the school will be ready to open in the fall.  The students are dispersed at elementary schools, which is not good for the middle school students, so we are excited to have those students back in their school later this year.”




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