Row officer reacts to having her salary slashed

SUNBURY — It’s the first day back on the job for Northumberland County row officers who had their pay slashed by almost 50 percent following a vote by Northumberland County Commissioners Stephen Bridy and Vinny Clausi. The commissioners, excluding Richard Shoch, voted to cut the row officers salaries to save the county money.

Register and Recorder Mary Zimmerman has been working for the county for 30 years and is a row officer. She said in many cases, row officers will be paid less than their employees.

Zimmerman said, “In my office, they will all just about be making what I make. In fact, my one deputy will be making more. My staff, I think we have like 90 years of experience total, so they are all up the pay scale.

Zimmerman adds that having to pay 50 percent of their health care is also a big blow. She said, “I’m sure anyone cannot take a hit as far as taking their salary in half, much less to pay $4 or $5,000 additional for health care. I question that we were singled out. There are unions here that pay $10-dollars a week. How can they tell us we have to pay 50 percent.”

Zimmerman’s salary was set at $57,395 and she will now be paid $29,000. (Ali Stevens)




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