Run for Boston came through The Valley

UNDATED – A Selinsgrove native who ran in this year’s Boston Marathon, and a local police officer, are just two runners who participated in a nationwide fundraiser which ran right through The Valley late Thursday night and early Friday morning. One Run Boston is a 3,300-mile non-stop relay that left Los Angeles June 7 and is bound for Boston.

Point Township police officer Nate Fisher ran a leg overnight from Stonington to Elysburg, which is about 10 miles.  Selinsgrove native Laura Rinck completed her leg from Middleburg to Selinsgrove Thursday night.

Rinck completed the Boston Marathon in April, just two minutes before the bombs went off.  “That experience for me was the most euphoric moment of my life that just became the most tragic moment of my life.  In a matter of seconds it just became trauma and horror.”

Rinck says she is participating in the One Run Boston for the resilient running community and to honor those who can no longer run.  “The amount of support it is receiving, the way we are raising money and just a symbol that people from all over are running or supporting people 24 hours a day doing this, and it is just awesome.  There has been so much support, especially in the Susquehanna Valley.”

Fisher echoes Rinck’s comments saying this is something he is passionate about doing.  “I have been running for 25 years.  I had to do this race when I was asked.  We have all run marathons, I have been up to Boston to watch the marathon and I plan to run it next year.  It is just a special race.”

There are other local runners participating in One Run Boston.  Selinsgrove resident Maddy Hribar will be carrying the baton the last 50 miles through the state of Massachusetts.  The money raised from the relay goes to the One Fund Boston, which assists victims and families affected by the bombings. (Sara Bartlett)





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