Salvation Army receives check for efforts

SUNBURY — The check is in.  After all of the hard work, those involved in the Needy Family Fund get to see their efforts in tangible form – a giant check with the numbers $123,400.00 written on it.

The radio stations of Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation, The Daily Item, the Salvation Army of Milton and Sunbury and Susquehanna Bank have teamed up throughout the past months to raise money for families in need.  The giant check shows just how much effort everyone put in.

Major Robert Carney of the Milton Salvation Army said he is impressed by the generosity of people in The Valley.  He said, “Each year it gets a little more difficult to raise funding.  In raising money, it’s a burden of joy, but it’s something we don’t have the time or resources to do ourselves.  So, when someone else can step up and take on a burden such as this, we are truly grateful for the efforts put out by everyone involved.”

Major Sharon Cupp of the Sunbury Salvation Army said the funds continue to benefit those in need.  “This will go a long way in helping people with utilities, since we are getting phone calls now.  And it will pay the bills for Christmas,” she said.  “We are excited and thrilled that we can, once again, partner with The Daily Item, Susquehanna Bank and the radio station.”

The Needy Family Fund is not possible without the contributions of people throughout The Valley.  Thank you to everyone that contributed this year.  We look forward to helping again next year.   (Codi Jade)needyfamily copy




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