Sandusky victim threatens to release abuse documentary

SUNBURY – One of the attorney’s suing Penn State says, they have a ‘big stick’ they are willing to use against the university and the state of Pennsylvania. Attorney for one of the victims, Cliff Rieders of Williamsport, they had to generate some incentive for the university to move forward with negotiations.

Rieders said, “All the lawsuits against Penn State and Sandusky are currently stayed, pending a decision by the Attorney General, as to whether she is going to prosecute on behalf of other victims. The good thing of course is that Jerry Sandusky has a very long prison term and he’ll never get out. On the other hand, there are other victims.”

Regarding the man he is representing, Rieders says they are forging forward anyway. He said, “I think we are the only ones who have created, using our own filmmaker, a documentary that details what happened at Penn State. It also shows the specific way it has impacted our client along with a very sophisticated power point analysis. We have not released that to the public. We intend to meet with Penn State and see what position they are going to take.”

Regarding Penn State, Rieders said, “Let’s just say we’re talking. We haven’t given up yet. We are meeting with them shortly. I think after this next meeting, we will have a very good idea. I’m tolerant to a point.”

He continued, “If after the next meeting, it is not very clear to me that they want to discuss changing the system to make sure there are protections afforded to these kids, and if they are not willing to step up to the plate financially, then we will go full bore and seek relief from the state and release the film.” You can hear more from Rieders from WKOK’s Thursday On The Mark program, posted online at (Ali Stevens)




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