Scarred teen becomes a millionare

JERSEY SHORE – An unusual case is in the news from Lock Haven.  An 18-year-old from Lycoming County is now a millionaire. Crystal Welch of Jersey Shore was guaranteed monthly payments following a settlement over scalp burns.


According to The Patriot News, Welch suffered second and third-degree burns when coloring was being applied to her scalp to turn her dark hair blonde.  A 2011 settlement in the federal lawsuit promised Welch 18 monthly payments of $2,686 once she turned 18.  That amounts to a projected lifetime yield of $2.2 million.


Welch has a bald spot that is expected to be there the rest of her life.  She will never able to dye her hair again, and must cover her head whenever she is in the sun.  She is also unable to receive hair transplants due to the burn.


The annuity is part of the settlement from Holiday Hair and the manufacturer of the coloring product.  Welch said one of the first things she hopes to do with the money is lease a car.  She also hopes to use some of the money to attend college in Germany to study environmental science.  (Codi Jade)

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