School Performance Profile results posted

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Department of Education has released the new School Performance Profiles for several schools, which show the academic performance of the state’s public schools. Some school’s profiles are not yet complete due to missing information from the Keystone Exams, but several area schools report cards have been posted at . The School Performance Profile replaces the Adequate Yearly Progress report as part of the No Child Left Behind Act.


In our region, Lewisburg schools continue to be very successful. Kelly Elementary received a score of 91.1 out of a possible 100, while Linntown received a 92. Data was not yet available for the middle or high schools.


Selinsgrove Area Elementary School had a score of 82 out of 100 points. Selinsgrove Intermediate School received a score of 76.7. The middle and high school numbers are not yet available.


In the Shikellamy School District, Chief Shikellamy received a score of 69 out of 100. Beck Elementary got a score of 72.1, Oaklyn received an 81.1 and Priestley received a 75.1. Shikellamy Middle School received a score of 84 and the high school got the lowest score in the district with a 67.6.


The scores are based on attendance, population, test scores and more. You can see all local school’s scores at The schools that are not yet posted will be done in the days ahead once the Keystone Exam scores are available. (Ali Stevens)




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