Security beefed up for the Bloomsburg Fair


BLOOMSBURG — You may want to leave bags and purses at home when you head to the Bloomsburg Fair this year. Fair officials have announced a new policy to tighten security at the fair, which includes searching bags and purses at the entrance gate.


Bill Barratt is fair security director. He said, “With all the activity that has been going on in the schools and at the Boston Marathon, the board decided that we should make it safer for those coming to the Bloomsburg Fair.”


Barratt said crowds at the fair will determine how the bags are searched. He explained, “We’re going to do the best job we can. With 70 to 80-thousand people on a Friday or Saturday, were going to do the best we can. If we get too crowded, then we will have to do a random search. That will keep the crowds moving when they enter the fairgrounds.”


They will be adding staff to help with security, including prison guards, retired policeman and other qualified people. The security guards will be looking for knives, drugs, fireworks and explosives, which will be confiscated. The fair board chose not to ban backpacks, like some amusement parks do, but they do feel searching the bags is appropriate. The Bloomsburg Fair is September 21st through the 28th.  You can find more information at (Ali Stevens)

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