Selinsgrove eliminates 13th year option for students

SELINSGROVE–  The Selinsgrove Area School District met Wedneday and unanimously voted out the option for students to attend vo-tech school for a year and defer graduation. Superintendent Chad Cohrs explained that it was a good decision for taxpayers and fair for students.

“It does result in an additional year of expense for those students to the district and in turn, the taxpayers. And for students that elect to go on to college, the district doesn’t pay for a year of college for those students and so it really is treating students a little bit differently, which we probably should not do.”

The school board also addressed the upcoming PSSA testing and the progress students have made thus far. Cohrs said that the test results of the students are important not only for the district but for the students’ education.

“As a district, we use those results to analyze our strengths and weaknesses and to, hopefully, improve our weaknesses and expand upon our strengths so that our students get the best quality education and are able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge on the state tests.”

The school board also discussed next year’s budget and its $232,000 deficit. Final approval for the 2013-2014 school year will happen in June following Pennsylvania’s budget finalization. Cohrs said that they can make up for the shortage through grants, budgetary reserves, and smart spending habits throughout the school year. (Carrie Haines)




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