Selinsgrove Mayor will not run again

SELINSGROVE – The Mayor of Selinsgrove will not be running for another term. Mayor Sean Christine explains why he decided to have 2013 be his last year on the job.


He said, “I got a position for the state of Pennsylvania with the Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System in Harrisburg. Under the civil service rules, it precludes me from having any elected position.”


Christine says he will continue to live in Selinsgrove and commute to Harrisburg and will remain active in the community.


Christine said, “I certainly have enjoyed my time as mayor. Basically, I looked at it as the culmination of years of public service and volunteering in the community. I think the good news is that public service and community involvement won’t end because I don’t have that position. It will just be in a different capacity.”


There is one candidate running for Mayor of Selinsgrove. Republican Vincent Stoops is hoping to take over the job. He is an active marine and current commander of the Selinsgrove American Legion Post 25. There are no other declared candidates for Mayor of Selinsgrove. (Ali Stevens)




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