Selinsgrove Postmaster supports new decision

SELINSGROVE — The U.S. Postal Service has announced some big changes today.  In an attempt to avoid bankruptcy, there will be no more first class mail delivery on Saturday.  Selinsgrove postmaster Michael Wolfberg said he believes this decision was a wise one.

“With the drop in volume of letter mail and the 14 percent increase in parcel delivery, I think they’ve looked at it and tried to work this out very well,” he said.

Wolfberg said the changes should not affect the public too much.  The majority of businesses and households they surveyed in preparation of the cutbacks said Saturday would be the least disruptive day to not receive mail.  The largest adjustment will be within the post office.

“At this point they are hoping through attrition, and through people going to possibly different avenues within the postal service, there won’t be many jobs lost.  I think within the postal service itself, people that are career, full-time employees will not see a lot of changes.  If anything, there may be changes for people working on a part time basis.”

Overall, Wolfberg said he would gladly give up Saturday mail delivery to keep the postal service running strong.  “If it’s something that will, as they say, save us $2 billion dollars a year, save the postal service, keep the post office within the communities that we serve, then I am whole-heartedly for it,” he said.

The U.S. Postal Service announced these changes today, after losing $16 billion dollars last year.  (Codi Jade)postal



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