Selinsgrove schools adding new safety measures

Visitor management and fee for students

SELINSGROVE—School safety and a new fee…some of the changes imposed at Selinsgrove schools this week. The Selinsgrove Area School District plans to add a visitor management system this summer to every school in the district.

Safety Director Mark Wolfberg spoke to the board at the meeting Tuesday, “Access is restricted to visitors, they must use the front door, so the first thing they will notice is that they will be greeted by a sign that says all visitors must present valid photo ID. You will be able to present that to the main office, we will scan your license and we will capture your photograph and your name.”

After proper photo ID is scanned by the office it will then be check in a data for any Megan’s Law violators.  This visitor’s management system can also track the amount of volunteer hours at any school building.

Also at the meeting the board approved the creation of a $40.00 student admission pass. This charge is separate from the $40.00 student activity fee.  Superintendent Chad Cohrs said, “There is a forty dollar activity fee that remains in place but now there is a separate admissions pass that students can get for another forty dollars. That would give everyone that discounted price into all the events. ”

This fee would allow students to get in to any school sponsored event at the discount price. According to Cohrs this is a $60 savings.




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