Selinsgrove welcomes new gardeners

SELINSGROVE — Everyone knows the benefits of gardening, but not everyone has the space for a garden.  That is no longer an issue, thanks to the East Snyder Community Garden.

The garden, located across from East Snyder Park on University Avenue in Selinsgrove, has space for many new gardeners.  Arden Miller is the PR Chair of the East Snyder Community Garden.  She said, “Anybody can garden.  Our goal is to work with people who have never gardened before.  We have quite a few very experienced gardeners gardening, and they would be happy to work with new people.”

Miller said they have tried their hardest to keep prices low to encourage everyone to garden.  The price for a 30 by 30 foot plot is $10, and a half plot is $5.

She said, “We know that times are rough for people.  There is a lot of unemployment.  We do think that growing your own produce is certainly a way of adding good nutrition to your diet.  It’s also a wonderful way of meeting new people, and having good experiences with people.”

Registration will be held on Monday, February 25 from 6:00p.m. to 8:00p.m. at the Rudy Gelnett Memorial Library in Selinsgrove.  Miller said if you are unable to make it to registration, you can acquire a registration form by calling 374-1525 or emailing  You can also find out more on their website,  (Codi Jade)garden



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