Selinsgrove woman targeted by scam

SELINSGROVE – Scammers are after your money this holiday season.  State police have been warning folks of recent phone scams, and a Selinsgrove woman says she answered a phony call Friday afternoon.

Emma answered her telephone around 3:00p.m. Friday and couldn’t believe what she heard.  “People are calling and telling you that you owe an X-amount of money,” she said.  “They will take a lower amount if you pay it right now, and if you don’t they will see you in court.  They also say that there is an a complaint and arrest warrant out for someone that lives at your residence.”

She said the scammer identified her actual bank and knew her husband’s social security number.  The scammer also said the couple made their last payment in 2007.  He told her they owed over $4,000, but could settle the debt  now for just $700.  The caller said there was a warrant out for her husband’s arrest, due to the delinquency.

Luckily, Emma was smart and decided to hang up and call her bank and the police for confirmation.  “My husband had called the sheriff and he said they don’t do these things.  They won’t call you on the phone if it’s true.  If there was a complaint or a warrant out for an arrest they would come to your house or maybe send a letter.  they wouldn’t call you and threaten you like that.”
Emma and state troopers are warning the public of this scam and ask that any suspicious calls be reported to local police departments. (Codi Jade)




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