Senate debate on privatizing liquor today


HARRISBURG — What could be a lengthy debate over liquor legislation is likely in the Pennsylvania Senate.  The proposed privatization of liquor and wine sales is one of Gov. Tom Corbett’s top legislative priorities. State Representative Fred Keller (R-85th, Kreamer) says the House has already done their part.


Keller said, “We haven’t seen the bill out of the Senate yet. I know we passed the bill a couple of months ago. It’s called House Bill 790, which I supported. Let’s see what the Senate wants to do with that. At the end of the day, I want to make sure we do what is right for Pennsylvania. I thought we had a good product that we sent over to the Senate. They thought that maybe there were some things they could work on. So we will have to see what they send back to us.”

The Senate Friday plans to debate the latest bill to permit the private sale of wine and liquor.

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