Senate vote: extension of unemployment benefits

WASHINGTON D.C. – US Senate Democrats this week are trying to convince Republicans to join them in extending emergency unemployment benefits. It has been more than a month since emergency unemployment compensation expired and many in Congress blame Republicans for the lapse.


U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA, Sen) disagrees. He said, “I had an amendment that said if you actually earn over a million dollars, in a given year, you are not eligible for unemployment benefits the next year. I just don’t think millionaires should be collecting unemployment benefits. That’s not controversial.”


He said, “One-hundred Senators voted in favor of that just a couple of years ago. But, Senator Reid just wouldn’t allow me to offer that amendment. We tried every way to get a vote on something like that but he was so determined to shut us out of the process that we couldn’t get a vote on even that.”


Sen. Toomey said in order to change, they need to work together, “I think what we’ve got to do is just break this mentality that says if the idea comes from the other side, it therefore must be a bad idea and we can’t even allow a vote. I think if the Senate could work its will, there are a lot of things where just common sense could prevail and we would get some things done. I hope we get there soon.”




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