Sensory friendly film series in Lewisburg

SUNBURY – While action-packed, loud movies often top the box office, not everyone can withstand the sensory overload.  According to Brenda Finucane, genetic counselor and associate director of the Geisinger Autism and Developmental Medical Institute (ADMI), children with special needs are not always able to enjoy movies on the big screen.  That is why ADMI and the Campus Theatre are holding a special film series.

Finucane said, “We are very excited about something called our Sensory Friendly Film Series.  A series where we would have special movies showing for kids with autism and their families.  This is something that has been happening around the country in some of the larger movie theater chains.  However, there has been no place within a hundred mile radius of Lewisburg that is offering this, except now the Campus Theatre.”

The series will begin February 2 with a showing of the movie “Happy Feet.”  Finucane explained how the experience will be unique, “When we say it’s sensory friendly, what this means is that the sound level in the theater will be lower, so as not to be overwhelming for kids with autism.  The lights in the movie theater will be somewhat less dark than usual.  The children will be able to get up and move around.  We just hope to make it a very friendly atmosphere for these families.”

Finucane was a guest on WKOK Sunrise Tuesday.  You can learn more about ADMI and the film series at  (Codi Jade)

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