UPDATE: Shik Super says JROTC is…in

UPDATE: Shikellamy schools superintendent Patrick Kelley says the JROTC program is in next year’s proposed budget, and that he wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t look at all options. Tonight a work session will include words about the JROTC program but Kelley said there is no specific elimination proposal, just ongoing due diligence, look at all programs.

SUNBURY — The Shikellamy School District is looking at cutting the JROTC program to save money–and that isn’t sitting well with a lot of community members. As soon as word emerged that the district might kill the highly visible program, the community began gearing up to express their views.

Some veterans and active community members say they’ll be at Thursday night’s school board meeting. This community member, a mom of a JROTC member said, she’s appalled such a decision would be made:

I am a parent of a Shikellamy JROTC Cadet. The Shikellamy School Board is talking of discontinuing the JROTC program next year. This program has done SO much good for the kids and the community, they have helped with the Elijah bowl, Raised money and collected toys for the Toys for Tots program, the JROTC color guard has posted the colors(flags) at the local VFW’s and Legions. and for the fireman’s memorial. They also walked in all the parades.

They, the Shikellamy JROCT were personally invited to Shanksville for the anniversary memorial, The Shikellamy JROTC was there at Shanksville for the placing of the wreath. They helped put flags and wreaths on veterans graves at Christmas time at the local cemeteries .

This program is one of the best programs that Shikellamy has. It helps the kids to become responsible young adults they cannot take this program away from the kids. Could you please give a shout out to all the parents and businesses and people who support this program to PLEASE come out to the Shikellamy School Board Meeting, Thursday, MAY 1st at the ADMINISTRATION BUILDING on Island Park, Please all the support to keep this program going is so much appreciated.

WKOK has contacted Shikellamy officials with no immediate response. We’ll be at tonight’s school board meeting and will have coverage posted tonight at WKOK.com.





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