Shikellamy could build new middle school

SUNBURY– The Shikellamy School Board is on the verge of approving some costly decisions for the district. A new middle school could be built on the site of the C W Rice school. One main reason: Superintendent Patrick Kelley said that separating high school students from middle school students could be important for accommodating their educational needs.

He said, “We determined a while ago that the space that they’re in right now is not really a conducive learning environment…The social, emotional, and physical welfare of the students specifically at the middle-level grade is a little bit different than what it is with high school students. So, they really do need a space of their own.”

Competing architects presented their ideas for the new school’s layout at a range of $15-24 million. Kelley said that the school board has not yet decided whether to make provisions for students in the high school or to move forward with the costly new structure. He explained that if they decide on building a new middle school, they will be focusing on durability and sustainability.

“I think what we need is a building that will last. Going green would be great and as they indicated with their LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), those are all wonderful things. However, with those designs comes cost.”

Pending approval of its construction, the new middle school could be occupied by the beginning of the 2015 school year. The school board plans to make a final decision in the next 2 weeks as to whether it will be built and who will build it. (Carrie Haines)



C W Rice Middle School



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