Shikellamy football coaching job now open

SUNBURY –Shikellamy High School is looking for a Head Football Coach.  The school board voted to open the position held most recently by Sam Stroh at Thursday night’s meeting.

Stroh’s name was stricken from a list of fall sports coaches up for appointment for the 2012-13 school year. He is free to apply for the job, which would have paid $5,225, if he’d been appointed.

Board member Lori Garman says withholding approval is part of an overall evaluation of the Shikellamy football program, and not a punitive action connected to allegations that Stroh disciplined a team member inappropriately.

The board voted 6-1 to open the position, with board member Kim Markunas voting against.  Board member Terry Marshall and board president Linda Van Der Pool were not present.

Stroh says allegations presented to the board last month by athletics booster Cory Fasold border on slander. (Matt Farrand)





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