Shikellamy School Board talks finances

SUNBURY— Once again, revenues don’t exceed expenses– In next year’s budget for the Shikellamy School district, Superintendent Patrick Kelley said that there are some projected deficits. 

“The projected deficits are occurring basically because of contractual agreements. Because of the increase in health care benefits and with retirement, the state is pushing more of that burden on to local districts.”

 The Thursday meeting yielded approval of some costly decisions for the district. Though next year’s budget has not been finalized, the school board unanimously elected to switch companies that maintain the district’s athletic fields. The upgrade promises to provide better upkeep of additional fields, but stands to cost substantially more money. Kelley said that the greater cost is for the greater good.

“Essentially, it’s an additional $20,000 that we’re spending on mowing and field maintenance. So, the justification therein is that we received some concern from booster clubs; we looked at it and some of our fields do need some extra work.”

A new Community Foundation may help make up for the possible deficits. The program will allow businesses to donate money to Shikellamy schools and in return, receive tax incentives. Finalization of the program is pending. (Carrie Haines)




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