Shikellamy Superintendent talks about a new middle school

SUNBURY – Shikellamy School District Superintendent Patrick Kelley says he is “on board” with the idea of building a new middle school. Kelley was a guest on WKOK’s On The Mark program today (Thursday) and explained why he thinks a middle school is needed, instead of having those students at the high school.


Kelley said, “When you talk about the development of students in that middle level, there are some physiological and emotional things that need to be addressed with those students, and the best way to address that is to have them in a separate facility.


Kelley indicated that the popular proposal is building a new school at the C.W. Rice site. He said, “The board has had some preliminary discussions with a number of architecture firms and at the most recent work session, the board has asked that those architectural firms come back and develop and design a new middle school at the C.W. Rice site, and that’s where we are at this juncture.”



Kelley says they have given the architects a little more specific information into the type of building they are interested in. They will come back April 25th with a new proposal that is specifically designed for the district. You can hear more from Superintendent Patrick Kelley from Thursday’s On The Mark program online at (Ali Stevens)




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