Shoch accused of using county money for consulting

SUNBURY — Northumberland County Commissioner Vinny Clausi is alleging a fellow commissioner of misuse of funds.  At Tuesday’s commissioner’s meeting, Clausi says Commissioner Rick Shoch used county money for consulting and needs to pay that money back.

Clausi said Shoch owed $420 for consulting with attorney Mike Apfelbaum regarding the Boris and Jones lawsuit. Clausi said Shoch cannot spend county money without asking and could have gotten the information he wanted from the county solicitor for free.

Shoch responded saying he has a right as a commissioner to request depositions of attorneys an will not be paying the $420 bill. He added that Commissioner Clausi has done the exact same thing many times.

He also feels he would not be able to get information he is interested in from the solicitor because Clausi and Commissioner Stephen Bridy stonewall him. WKOK will have comments from both Shoch and Bridy on the situation. (Ali Stevens)





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