Shoch: Publicity disrupted prison routine

SUNBURY — While she may have been moved from the Northumberland County Prison, Miranda Barbour is still costing the county money.  The 19-year-old accused of murdering a man in Sunbury was transferred to the Muncy State Prison this past weekend.


Commissioner Rick Shoch said Barbour was moved due to the massive amount of publicity the case has received. He said it has disrupted the normal routine of the prison.  He said he is not able to comment further than that.  However, Shoch said the transfer will be discussed during executive session at Tuesday’s prison board meeting.  He said there may be further details at the public meeting as well.


Barbour is accused of murdering 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara of Port Trevorton on November 11.  The case gained national attention when she recently told a reporter she killed over 22 people across the country.  (Codi Jade)


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