Small games of chance deadline extended


SUNBURY — A law that holds organizations accountable for their small games of chance has been extended.  The Pennsylvania government has extended the reporting deadline one year, from February 1 of this year, to February 1, 2014.


State Representative Lynda Schlegal-Culver (R-108, Sunbury) held a seminar in Sunbury Thursday to explain some of the changes.  “The change in the law is to raise the prize limits, which the clubs have been asking for several years.  Along with that, there will be a reporting of the money made so that the club knows what they are making.  If for some reason, money gets stolen it will then be easier for police to investigate because the information is there.”


Snyder County District Attorney Michael Piecuch says the changes are an improvement over the new law.  “The reporting requirements are important and so is education.  We are now going to be depending on organizations to police themselves.  Too often, we hear about organizations where someone’s hand gets in the till.  This is the first line of defense: good government and good oversight.”


There are a number of statistics that private clubs and other charitable organizations will have to report with respect to small games of chance.  Starting on the new deadline date of February 1, 2014, organizations will have to begin annually reporting.  Another addition to the new law is that the organizations can now keep 30% of their small games proceeds, while 70% will go back into the community. (Sara Bartlett)



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