Snyder County attorney and volunteer has died

MIDDLEBURG – A Snyder County attorney who was actively involved in the community and a World War II veteran has died. 89-year-old Irvin Graybill Jr. passed away on Wednesday evening. Graybill was a graduate of Middleburg High School and then graduated from both Harvard and Bucknell Universities.


He taught at Susquehanna University for more than 30 years, while also working as an attorney in Middleburg along Main Street. His office assistant of 37-years, Faye Hood, tells WKOK that Graybill was extremely active in the community including the Boy Scouts of America, the American Red Cross, the Middleburg Area Recreation Association, the American Cancer Society, the Snyder County Historical Society, the American Legion and the VFW.


He received a number of community service awards over the years and also served as District Attorney in Snyder County for a time.


Graybill was the owner of the Middleburg Post, before he sold the paper, which became the Snyder County Times. He was also very instrumental in the development of the Shade Mountain Golf Course and swimming pool. Graybill was still practicing law at the age of 89, with his wife Jane helping him to get to work.


Attorney Robert Steinberg says Graybill built a log cabin outside Beaver Springs, where Boy Scout Troop 415 would visit for camping trips.


Atorney Tom Clark says Graybill was highly respected as an advocate for justice and fair-play.  Clark said Graybill took a case “pro bono” in the early 1970’s where he represented Shikellamy High School students who were expelled for wearing their hair too-long.  Clark said Graybill successfully challenged the expulsion.


Funeral arrangements will be announced by the Hummel Funeral Home of Middleburg. (Ali Stevens)




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