Snyder County Commissioners may raise taxes

MIDDLEBURG – Snyder County Commissioners have adopted a tentative budget for 2013 with a slight tax increase possible. The tentative budget shows it has grown slightly from about $15.6-million to $16-million. That would mean a .5 (half) mill increase is possible, but the commissioners hope to make some cuts in the days ahead to balance the budget.


Chairman Joe Kantz said, “As much as I worried about this budget, it’s never good when it goes up, but unfortunately costs have gone up. With what we have to work with, what we have right now tentatively is responsible. Obviously, we are going to have to tweak it and there may be some more cuts. There may be some more additions and we’re going to have to find a balance to get to a final balanced number.”


Increases to the budget include Children and Youth, where their budget grew from $2-million to $2.86-million. Also, the prison budget has grown. Commissioner Malcolm Derk says there were more inmates this year. He says the average number of inmates went up to 80 and one month, they peaked at 130 inmates. Prison costs expanded by more than $200,000 to almost $3-million.


Last year in Snyder County, there was a 1-mill tax increase, with a mill representing $460,000. If there is a .5 (half) mill increase, the commissioners say it will be the worst-case scenario and they hope to prevent it. (Ali Stevens)




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