Snyder County Courthouse security enhanced

Enhancements to county buildings


MIDDLEBURG– The Snyder County Commissioners are continuing to enhance security at the courthouse in Middleburg. Starting in January the courthouse featured a new entrance as well as sheriff’s deputies overseeing security for the building.


Snyder County Chairman, Joe Kantz spoke about the added security, ” Now when you enter the building, you will enter through a new door at the right of the courthouse and you will exit through a separate door, which is a exit only. That allows us to keep security a little bit tighter on the building, because we have seen unfortunately a number of cases across the country where people are able to bring weapons into courthouses and cause problems.”


Snyder County also plans to do a major lighting project in the courthouse and possibly the county prison throughout this year. Kantz spoke about the cost saving project, ” Our anticipation is, once we make this transition to the new lighting we could save as much as $30,000 a year at the prison and the courthouse combined.”


The lights currently in the courthouse are over 30-years-old. The next Snyder County Commissioner’s meeting will be held Tuesday February 18th. ( Sarah Lagerman)

Snyder Co Courthouse



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