Snyder County focuses on surveillance and security


Middleburg– The Snyder County Board of Commissioners approved an additional $2,580 for the video surveillance system project at the County Prison.


Chairman, Joe Kantz spoke about the project, ” We need to do everything possible that we can to make sure every aspect of the prison is being covered by video surveillance so that we can make sure we are keeping an eye on everything that happens there. In this day and age unfortunately you just have to do that. ”


The original contract for the video  surveillance project was $158,832. The county will be adding two more cameras at vulnerable areas within the prison and this project is expected to be finished in the next two weeks.


Kantz spoke about the price, ” It’s a big price tag but we feel it is a good investment. It is going to make our prison even more accountable, make sure we have a secure facility, and keeping our employees safe, they can keep an eye on each other through the video surveillance system. It’s a fairly large project just under $200,000 and we are pleased it is finally going to take place.”


The Commissioners have also received a grant to pay for the improved security lighting at the courthouse parking lot. The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts has agreed to pay up to $11,000 for new LED lights in the parking lot behind the courthouse. The county began two re-lighting projects this year in the courthouse and prison. The county expects to save an additional $20,000 in reduced energy costs. ( Sarah Lagerman)

Snyder Co Courthouse



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