Snyder County looking to standardize bridges

MIDDLEBURG – Snyder County is taking steps to standardize small bridges in the county. Commissioner Malcolm Derk says they approved a contract with Stahl Shaffer Engineering to create a standard template for small bridge design.


Derk said, “Many townships have bridges that are relatively small. What we are asking Stahl Shaffer to do is design a template that we could use that engineering document. That way everytime there is a new bridge that needs work, you don’t have to contract with someone again and create a new design.”


This would give each of the townships a sample that they could use and customize for their projects. This is paid for through the Act 44 program, which provides funding for better bridges in the state from the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. Derk says Stahl Engineering will be working over the next six months to complete the design. They will look at various bridges that do need work to help them come up with the template. (Ali Stevens)




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