Solar energy comes to Haiti thanks to a local company

lenapeUNDATED – A local solar business is lending a big hand in Haiti.  Lenape Solar of Sunbury is designing and assisting in the installation of a solar energy system that will provide electrical power to a new hospital and missionary compound.

Vice President of Lenape Solar Justin Charles visited Haiti in December.  “I came down to look at one building and they asked if we could design the hospital too.  The more I thought about it, it was a much better solution to make it one large system that will give electricity to the entire compound including the hospital.”

Charles says the design is complete and they will travel back to Haiti in August to do the installation.  “We are going to take down five of our installers and are looking for about 10-15 local electrically experienced volunteers to go with us.”

The hospital serves nearly 120,000 people on the island right off of Haiti.  Charles says the project is $550,000 and Lenape Solar is not charging for any of the work they do at the hospital or the compound. (Sara Bartlett)




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