VIDEO HERE: Stars, Stripes and Sousa in Lewisburg

LEWISBURG— The Union County Veterans Fourth of July activities wrapped up with Stars, Stripes and Sousa! It was music in the park Wednesday evening, which was moved into the Lewisburg High School auditorium due to the threat of storms. The Penn Central Wind Band performed, directed by William Kenny.

Kenny spoke about the type of music his band plays saying, ” Most of the music is vintage band music. Music anywhere from 100 years old some is even older, because tonight is the 150th anniversary of the end of the battle of Gettysburg we are doing two pieces specifically that commemorate the civil war. One is a variation on Dixie and you might guess the other one is a variation on Yankee Doodle.”

The concert was in celebration of the Union County bicentennial and Independence Day. For the Penn Central wind band, playing music in the park around the fourth of July has been a tradition according to Kenny. The Union County Veterans Fourth of July activities wrapped up, but their main fundraising concert is this weekend–the Cavalcade of Champions Saturday night.

Kenny said, ” I think music in the park started nineteen years ago sort of as a effort to reclaim Hufnagle Park, I think three of four years into it Barb Crone asked me to get this band together to play in the Park and that was about fifth teen years ago.” ( Sarah Lagerman)




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