Fred Keller fighting tire-burner project

SUNBURY – As a group of local residents continue their battle to prevent a tire-burner from operating in White Deer Township, Union County, they have a state representative advocating on their behalf. Fred Keller (R-85th, Kreamer) explained why he is opposed to En-Tire Logistics tire burning plan.


Keller said, “This is not a referendum against business or against energy in Pennsylvania. This is a referendum against burning tires in Union County and the company that wants to do it.”


Keller continued, “When you look at the company’s performance, as far as taking three years to get a complete application to DEP for consideration, coming to a public meeting ill-prepared to answer basic questions, not being upfront and honest, not having basic ducks in a row when wanting to undertake something of this nature, I have absolutely no confidence that they have the ability or the will to make sure it is done safely.”


Keller said the DEP reviewed the permit and approved it. However, they are now appealing that ruling. He says they need to make sure everyone in the area is informed on the project and what they are looking to do.


Keller said, “I think that having our voice heard is important. I can’t tell DEP not to approve the permit. There is a process we are going through in trying to appeal this.” You can hear more from Keller on this and other topics from Monday’s On The Mark program online at (Ali Stevens)




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