State senator: No school mandates are good right now

UNDATED – As the state house mulls the idea of having the phrase “In God We Trust” posted in all Pennsylvania schools, State Senator John Gordner (R-27, Berwick) says he still has to look more in depth at the proposal.

“I don’t think in this time any of us are excited about mandate in schools period.  However, I can understand the frustration of some.  You can go into the Capitol and you can see things there that you do not see in schools districts.  I think some people are frustrated that schools don’t talk about the basic things this country is based upon.”

The issue hits home in The Valley because Milton native James Pollock coined the “In God We Trust” phrase.  “It was an act of Congress on April 22, 1864 that they directed that In God We Trust be put on coinage.  There will be a ceremony next year in Milton to recognize that.”

State Representative Rick Saccone (R-39, Jefferson Hills) of Allegheny County sponsored the proposed mandate.  It is currently in consideration in the house. (Sara Bartlett)




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