Staying healthy during the winter months

UNDATED – Multiple days with single digit temperatures are enough to make anyone want to curl up with a blanket and nap or just watch TV. 

While that is fine to do occasionally, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Cheryl Hoover, of Lewisburg, says these winter months are important times to make sure you are staying healthy and active.  “What I see often times in my practice is an increase of people who are presenting with depression and anxiety, have a loss of energy and motivation, just kind of feeling the winter blahs.”

Hoover says one very important way to keep yourself healthy throughout the winter is practicing good sleep hygiene.  “What that means is trying to go to bed and get up at approximately the same time, not eating something for up to two hours before you go to bed and being sure you don’t ingest any caffeine after 3:00 or 4:00p.m.  We want our sleep to be restorative.”

Hoover says other tips include practicing stress management, getting out and socializing, taking a trip, even if it is for a weekend, and getting into the sunshine when possible.  She adds that exercising is absolutely vital to maintain balance, especially during the winter months.  You can hear more from Cheryl Hoover here. (Sara Bartlett)





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