Steam building for marijuana legalization


SUNBURY – The debate on whether or not marijuana should be legalized has been a hot topic recently on WKOK’s On The Mark program. Last week, District Attorney Tony Rosini stated he doesn’t think the drug should be legalized, but the classification should be lowered so marijuana is not on the same level as other drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Today on On The Mark, Sean Dunagan of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition talked about his views on legalizing marijuana.


Dunagan said, “I really believe that the solution to the drug problem would be regulated legalization of all drugs. Marijuana is one that has gotten the most public support so far and the most legislative changes recently to its legal status. But, ultimately to really combat the crime and take this industry out of the hands of cartels, we need to look beyond marijuana at other drugs as well.”


Dunagan says there would still be regulations in place. He said, “Under this regulated scheme that I am envisioning, if someone sells marijuana to a minor, they should certainly face criminal penalties.” He says the regulation system would be similar to the sale of alcoholic beverages.


Dunagan says the vast majority people don’t grow their own marijuana and if they could go and buy it in a store the way they buy liquor, the regulation works well. You can hear more of Dunagan’s comments on the legalization of drugs from today’s On The Mark program online at (Ali Stevens)




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