Steve Jones Show audio: Women sports reporters

STATE COLLEGE — On the Steve Jones Show, Audrey Snyder, sports reporter for the Harrisburg Patriot/, checked in from a ‘Women in Sports Media’ conference and talked about the growing number of women who are sideline reporters, play-by-play announcers and other sports reporters.


She said in the past she did experience some ‘pushback’ from football players. She explained that it is common for reports to lack actual experience the area they are covering, “I know when I first started covering Penn State football, you’d see, some players would be tweeting things after you’d write a column, ‘Hey, what does this girl know about football, she never played it,’ and my response to that comment is, ‘How many many people do we have that cover the government (who have no governing experience).”


She said there is still some work to do to accept women as sports reporters but that it is better than it used to be, but it still happens. She also commented on Penn State head football coach Bill O’Brien’s new contract enhancement—which was first reported on the Steve Jones Show this week…You can hear all of her her remarks at WKOK’s sports website:






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