Still cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy

stecUNDATED – It has been over three months since Hurricane Sandy hit land and some homeowners around here are still cleaning up.  Though much of The Valley was left with just minor damage, some areas took the brunt of the storm.  Steve Connolley’s home is about six miles west of Milton.  “Our property is still littered with trees,” says Connolley.  “What was once a pretty thick forest will now be a field when we clear the logs.”

Connolley, like many residents we spoke to after the storm, believe Sandy wasn’t just a hurricane.  “It was amazing, it just knocked trees down like they were twigs.  We had dozens of trees that were down and half dozen trees that fell on the house.  We just got our roof replaced.  It was unique for our area.  I don’t know if it was a down draft or a tornado or what.”  Connolley says they will continue their cleanup when the weather gets warmer. (Sara Bartlett)




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