Study on gastric bypass and diabetes

DANVILLE – There is a new study released by Geisinger researchers regarding gastric bypass surgery and how it can impact the patient’s diabetes diagnosis. Dr. Christopher Still is the director of Geisinger’s Obesity Institute and says they have developed a simple scoring system to can predict which patients having gastric bypass surgery are likely to achieve remission from Type 2 diabetes within five years.

Still explained, “Gastric bypass has been the most effective tool for weight loss and actually resolving medical problems such as diabetes. But, we never really knew specifically who was going to do the best, so this was an algorithm that was developed by researchers here. It really is a decision making tool to guide the treatment, specifically, which patient has the highest percentage of resolving their diabetes after gastric bypass.”

And Dr. Still says the scoring system can help patients control diabetes. He explained, “If we know that this patient has a high percentage of resolving their diabetes with gastric bypass, that is very helpful, because of not only the significant weight loss, but the high percentage of chance of resolving their diabetes. We can get them off all of their insulin and other medications and the diabetes can just be diet controlled.”

The researchers believe that further prospective studies will help identify additional uses for the scoring process. Gastric bypass surgery involves stapling the stomach to create a small pouch and attaching it to the lower intestine. (Ali Stevens)




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