Sunbury expects profit through growth

SUNBURY— Growth and development was the talk of Monday’s city council meeting in Sunbury. Mayor David Persing said that they continue to market the city’s former Celotex site to new buyers in hopes that it can improve the local economy. Persing said that about half of the property remains vacant, but that they have high hopes for the future.

“Clearly what we have is a piece of property that we’re trying to get developed the best that we can; hopefully create jobs in the future as an industrial site and maybe put homes on the thing. We’re just trying to get something out of it.”

Council members also discussed the Redevelopment Authority Project that reclaims abandoned properties through the legal system and tears them down for redevelopment. Persing said that the cost of demolishing old buildings is nothing compared to the money that it can generate for the city.

“There are properties that have been vacant for years and they’re going to stay vacant. You tear that down and we now increase your property value, plus we give or sell that property to somebody that puts a brand new home on it and we have now established a tax income and we’re doing it the legal way; through the court system.

The Sunbury city council also approved the final payment for its $11 million Riverfront Project, but said that they hope to continue development in the future for continued flood protection for residents and for beautification of the city. (Carrie Haines)

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